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Tomato sauce

Price €1.60

artisanal tomato sauce without dyes or artificial preservatives.The fragrance of ripe tomato enclosed in a glass bottle with the addition of a pinch of salt to favour its preservation in a natural way.

Mixed citrus fruit

Price €18.72 €20.80

A mixed box of sweet and juicy citrus fruits among those ripening in the period of the order ¬¬will arrive at your home packed just picked from the tree to make you taste the best of our citrus production.

  • -10%
  • -10%

Orange compote

Price €4.50 €5.00

Hand-made compote of oranges and sugar with more than 65% of fruit. We select the juiciest oranges to make the best one. Cropped from the tree, they are sliced in the same day ​​with the whole untreated skin and immediately prepared to keep their sweet aroma intact.

  • -10%
  • -10%