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Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

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Price €20.00

We produce so many lemon varieties. Strictly without treatments that leave surface residues on the skin, we begin to crop them from the beginning of September and we end in April. Yellow and juicy, they are still sent very fresh from the tree and peel rich in precious and very fragrant aromatic...

Tarocco oranges

Price €16.64

Oranges of the Tarocco variety have the typical red hue that makes them more palatable and tasty. They can be eaten fresh or squeezed and are so sweet that it is not necessary to add sugar in the juice. The harvest is done manually and they are always sent naturally, without skin treatments. This...

Navel oranges

Price €0.00

From late October to late January, Navel oranges are the best for the sweetness and the thick and abundant juice. The boxes are prepared with oranges that we collect specifically for the order received with the leaf to keep the freshness in the journey. They are shipped the same day.

Ciaculli Mandarins

Price €0.00 €0.00

Also known as "marzoli mandarins" because they become mature in March, they are very popular on all national and international markets. They come to your home very fresh, making you appreciate its fragrance when you start peeling them.

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Mixed citrus fruit

Price €21.60 €24.00

A mixed box of sweet and juicy citrus fruits among those ripening in the period of the order ¬¬will arrive at your home packed just picked from the tree to make you taste the best of our citrus production.

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Nova Clementines

Price €18.00 €20.00

The pride of our production, the Nova Clementines begin their maturation in late November and end at the end of February. Larger than normal clementines, they look like small oranges and have a more compact consistency even though they are also very rich in juice.

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