About us

Tenuta Morano

Cultivators for 5 generations

We are a historic farm that has been handed down for generations, our passion is to grow to get the best products from our land.
Our family has always been engaged in agriculture, our strengths are:

  • The best quality of products
  • Respect for nature and territory
  • Our land and our crops

The Tenuta Morano farm has several business units located on both sea sides of Calabria: one side directly overlook the Ionian Sea, while others are located on the side of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Founded mainly as a citrus and olive growing company, thanks to the family enterprising, it has evolved over the last 40 years, adding new crops such as fresh seasonal fruit (strawberries, medlars, apricots, peaches, table grapes, watermelons and melons ) and tasty vegetables. Innovation in recent years, the transformation of vegetables and fruit into delicious preserves, with traditional and healthy recipes, without any preservatives or dyes.

For more information about the company go to the site Tenuta Morano

Tenuta Morano