Small Clementines Orogros variety - 19,84 lb


The smallest and also the sweetest! For those who want to enjoy all the flavor of our clementines and prefer, for dietary reasons or for practicality, we ship our Orogròs variety clementines at their best level of ripeness and sugar index. Produced by small trees, not very vigorous but with a foliage full of leaves, they are among the first citrus fruits to ripen already at the end of summer and in autumn they reach the maximum of their taste and sweetness. The cultivar is protected by rights that reserve its propagation and, also for this reason, they represent a very valuable and difficult to find small fruit. The taste is very balanced between the sweet and the acidic flavor typical of citrus fruits.


We collect all the products of the campaign on the days between Monday and Wednesday directly for the orders received and immediately ship them to Italy and throughout Europe in the shortest possible time to preserve their organoleptic properties as much as possible. For all these reasons the customer will be able to enjoy citrus fruits as if they had just been picked from the tree, releasing all the aroma while peeling our small fruits and appreciating their sweetness and juiciness.


Strengthened by a tradition that has lasted for at least 6 generations of farmers, we are experimenters of agronomic techniques which, on the one hand, aim to innovate the production process aimed at constant improvement of the product and, on the other, always act with respect for nature, biodiversity and consumer health.

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