5L Calabrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold pressed and unfiltered


Tenuta Morano's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively from olives grown on the land we own located in the Ionian area of ​​Reggio in Calabria. Strengthened by a long family tradition and the experience of growers handed down for generations, we use traditional, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to obtain olives that will be harvested and ground in the mill within a few hours to obtain the oil cold and without filtering it.

The oil obtained is sweet and moderately fruity and is excellent for raw seasoning dishes that must be enhanced with a genuine but at the same time refined aroma.

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From March to August we use shear the land to keep them in order but also as an agronomic technique to limit the proliferation of harmful insects. The flowering period begins at the end of April and we await fruit set hoping for an abundant harvest. Starting from the end of August, a period that coincides with the first rains, we let the grass grow on the ground, which will become the cushion on which we will lay the nets for harvesting.

We start shaking the olives in early October, just before starting with the clementines and we usually finish in mid-December, making a few amounts of oil every day.

The harvest is slow: day by day, we spread the nets under the trees that we will collect during the day. Then, with the harvesters, we drop the olives on the nets, and once they have all fallen from the tree, we collect them in boxes ready to be taken to the mill during the same day. All these particular precautions are necessary in order to obtain a high quality oil. The olives, at the beginning, are still almost all green, but we begin to paint their characteristic black color. As the weeks go by, as we go from tree to tree, they will mature more and more, eventually becoming large and black. Thus, at the beginning the oil is more sour, while at the end of the harvest it is more fruity, perfume and the blend that derives from these characteristics put together, makes it a valuable product, suitable for a refined taste.

Tenuta Morano extra-virgin olive oil is very low in acidity, almost zero and is naturally rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, which we preserve by carefully squeezing mechanically to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian, 100% from our Calabrian lands.

Watch the video of one of the moments of the olive harvest

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